Concrete Staining Services in Arroyo Grande, CA

Our family-owned business turns your floors into captivating canvases of color and texture. 

Combining our expertise with the unparalleled quality of Penntek products results in stunning flooring that speaks to beauty and durability. 

Why Trust American Concrete Detail & Coatings With Your Floors?

  1. Enduring Quality: Our stained concrete floors are curated using the finest Penntek products, promising a blend of aesthetic elegance and longevity.
  2. Local Craftsmanship: We bring the perfect blend of local knowledge and global standards.
  3. Lifetime Commitment: Our dedication extends beyond the initial installation, providing the lifetime warranty you deserve.
American Concrete Detail and Coatings Inc.
Choose quality. Contact American Concrete Detail & Coatings, the premier concrete coatings contractor in Arroyo Grande, CA, for a free quote.

Discover the American Concrete Detail & Coatings’ Art of Concrete Staining

Our range of services ensures that every flooring endeavor is a masterpiece.

Customized Creations

We customize stained concrete floors to match your vision and the character of your space.


Wondering if staining concrete is expensive? Let us guide you through cost-effective solutions that maintain beauty and durability.


From selecting the right shade to post-service care, our concrete staining service is comprehensive and client-centric.

The Penntek Promise in Arroyo Grande, CA, and Surrounding Areas

In every grain and shade of American Concrete Detail & Coatings work, you’ll find the Penntek difference:

  1. Uncompromised Quality: Penntek products are synonymous with durability, beauty, and state-of-the-art technology.
  2. Tailored Solutions: Penntek ensures your floors are functional and fabulous with various products and finishes.
  3. A Legacy of Assurance: Embrace the confidence from knowing every Penntek product we use has a lifetime warranty.

Some of Our Work

Where Craftsmanship Meets Concrete Staining Passion

Nestled in Arroyo Grande, CA, we don’t just offer concrete staining; we offer a legacy shaped by the trust of our clients, the quality of Penntek products, and the passion of a family-owned business.

Let’s transform your floors into lasting tales of beauty and resilience. Step into a world where your flooring becomes the canvas, and our expertise becomes the brush.

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